Sunday, August 29, 2010

Group 1 - Natalie Rogers

Interact, Connect, Nurture

These words come into my mind when I think of PARK(ing) Day. I think a main focus of the day is bringing the community together (connect). When cars take up all the room on our streets, there are not a lot of places for people to gather and come together. This reminded me of a book I recently read called Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne. In a city in Europe (I forget the name) they closed off one of the busiest streets where cars were usually parked. It soon became a huge gathering area for people to come, sit and relax with others. PARK(ing) day doesn’t just give space back to the community, but designs the space in a way to attract people. I think a great way to attract people is give people some kind of activity that’ll be fun (interact). Lastly, this event for me is about giving back to the community in which we live, and caring about the decisions we make (nurture).

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