Sunday, August 29, 2010

Three Words for PARK(ing) Day - M.Jackman

The words that come to my mind when I think about PARK(ing) Day are Recreate, Play, and Recess.

I like "recreate" because it is the root word of recreation, but taken in its root form it is easy to see the origin of “to re-create” as in to recreate ones psyche by taking a break from work or study to exercise or simply relax, or in our case to take a space normally used solely for the storage of personal vehicles and recreate a park where one can exercise or relax.

The word “play” fits into this analogy because that is what the act of relaxation through exercise was called when we were children and is, in my mind, the main reason for having parks and green spaces in urban areas.

"Recess" is of course the designated time for children to take a break from their studies and recreate through play, something I think could still be useful to students at the college level.

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