Monday, August 30, 2010

Kate Collett: Three Words


I chose my words based on what parks mean to myself and to others. I always think of parks as a place to replenish/refuel yourself. This could be spiritual (aka emotional and mental), through relaxation, meditation, or reconnecting with nature, etc. It could also be health-related, as in refueling with something to eat, getting fresh air, or taking a nap. I think of parks as a place where people can step outside of the stress of daily life and replenish or refuel themselves in some way. Also, people use parks to connect with one another, through talking, playing, having a picnic, walking the dog, etc. By creating a space where people can enjoy an activity or relax for a length of time, parks enable people to connect with others rather than just rushing by on their way to a destination.

I also considered that my group’s space on Centennial Drive will be near the farmer’s market. This made me think of community gardening in parks/urban spaces, which allows people to connect with others and replenish themselves through working outdoors and consuming healthy organic food. As shipping food long distances creates a lot of emissions, growing or buying locally might also be a thought to consider for PARK(ing) Day.

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