Monday, August 30, 2010

3 Word for PARK(ing) Day - Yan Zhu [P1]


When I think about PARK(ing) Day, the first thing catches my eyes is the capital letter PARK. Then that word rewinds in my head, and then green color pops up. I think the ING is isolated from the word parking is because we want people to maintain a healthy environment by not driving often, and by occupying one parking spot during the PARK(ing) can at least reduce some pollution to our environment, although it’s going to be a small amount. Therefore I chose the word (purify) to represent that. However in order to maintain a healthy environment, we need everyone to work together to make it happen, so I chose communal to represent the environment belongs to everyone, and unity represent that we need to work as one.
My group’s spot is at the parking lot, and the space doesn’t have to replace with trees, but can use for some activities such as chess and checker games.

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