Sunday, August 29, 2010

K Kryska - Two Words for You Mr. PARK(ing) Garage

Verticality, sci-fi

Both of the words I’ve picked are based on environment surrounding the garage. Verticality has to do with the fact that the top of the parking garage is high enough that it has a view and leaves you isolated from the surrounding buildings. The obvious nature occurrence of this sort of thing is on top of mountains, hills and plateaus. The parking garage itself is like a small man-made plateau.

I chose sci-fi because of the steam the steam that spews out one of the structures right next to the garage (and can be seen from the top of the garage). The steam, in addition to the railings all over the parking garage and the large pipes nearby, lead to an industrial look that reminds me much of a space ship from a science fiction series or movie. This made me think of the PARK(ing) space being much like the “designated grow some plants because we need oxygen” bio-dome areas that often crop up in sci-fi. Science fiction media envisions environments where there are no plants so they have to be specially grown for the purpose of retaining a semi-natural area.

An example of a "biodome" as seen in Dr. Who.

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