Monday, August 30, 2010

3 Words for park(ing) day - Robert Schramm Group A


To redefine is to change a perception and set a new set of expectations. As park(ing) day seeks to question our use of urban space the point is to redefine what a parking spot is or could be. New Urbanism as a movement stresses among other things walkability, community, multi-use spaces, and greenery at the expense of the automobile. Redefinition could change the perception that parking areas are exclusively for cars.


A big part of the urban landscape involves communicating to its inhabitants through signage. It is an learned skill in urbanites to navigate through their city. In many of the previous projects I saw, the message seems a bit muddled. As someone in class said, “It looked just like they were selling trees there” - instead of a reclamation of urban space for greenery and recreation, it came off as sloppy commerce.


As tongue in cheek as it may be, this is a form of resistance. The automobile has won the war but pockets of resistance can spread and weaken the grip. Park(ing) Day is meant to spread the word and create more resistance and sympathizers.

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