Monday, August 30, 2010

Centennial Ideations - Josh Isaacson

(inter)Action: One of the original ideas of Parking Day was to reclaim public space for the community, so I felt that interaction with others should be a central focus of our version, too. I also thought the most successful Parking Day designs were ones that involved games or activities that any passerby could participate in, rather than just limiting the space to the Parking Day activists.

Transit(ion): I picked this word because we are using this PARK(ing) Day activity to encourage use of alternative forms of transportation. In that sense, we are attempting to bring about a transition toward a greener campus. The word “transit” is also at its root, which reminds us of commuting and mirrors the type of word play in PARK(ing) Day.

Things a park should have: Benches, Grills, and climbable trees.
A Google sketchup concept for the area near the Café Rosso. It has a ring toss game and checkers to facilitate interaction and help build a sense of community.

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