Sunday, August 29, 2010

Passage of time

I chose these images because I heard about this park that was right next to my house that I had never seen. I was able to find it but it was such an odd set up. The first picture is from the side walk entrance. The second is of this path that leads to nowhere, and the third is of this huge slide in the park. That can not be up to code in anyway. I loved it!

I chose the phrase the “Passage of time” because it symbolizes movement. Trying to understand the value of this project, I reflected on my time spent in parks. I also wondered about my future time spent in parks. I realized that the meaning of going to a park has changed for me; as a kid it was a place to play, as a teenager it was a place to escape my house and kick it with friends, as an adult it is a place to go to with a partner or significant other to feel more connected, and as a senior I suspect I will see parks as a social gathering place. All I know is I have spent so much time in and around parks that they have become a significant part of my memories. I hope that some how in this project we are able to emphasize the importance and the human need for green space.

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