Sunday, August 29, 2010

J Vera - Parking Day: 2 Words


   My words may seem simple at first glance, however; I feel that park(ing) day is all about persuading and promoting to the public the importance of taking a quick minute out of your day to relax and view a piece of your everyday life in a different way. A parking space is a commodity that we see everyday all around us, and it is usually something we ignore. I think it is a brilliant concept to transform such a space and give it back to the community. I feel that whatever ideas we come up with, our main goal for park(ing) day is to create a fun and stress free environment for the busy students of our school. At the same time, we are making a statement by showing them how most of our cities are more devoted to parking spaces and storage versus how little space we have devoted to parks and recreational areas and it is important for our society to preserve them.
Our spot on Holloway.

Looks very different when there are no people/cars around.

A play area for children at a local mall. I really liked the concept and layout.

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