Monday, August 30, 2010

Thuan Nguyen - Group 4, Holloway

The white vehicle is stationed at my team's designated parking spot.

An older gentleman relaxing and reading the news.

An empty spot nearby, for reference.

Chosen words:

relax, life, breathe

Why I chose these words:

sanctuary - Evident in the second photo above is an older gentleman reading a newspaper in repose. When I took the photos around 1-2 PM on a Friday, the atmosphere around that particular parking space on Holloway was relaxed. There weren't too many students around, and there wasn't that much traffic. Combine these factors with nice weather, and I was able to leisurely compose and snap my photos with little interruption. Like the gentleman in the photo, after I took the photos I took a few moments to relax on that very same ledge he was sitting on.

- The overhanging trees and vibrant purple flowers caught my attention. I find it beautiful when I can enjoy blooming plant life in the city, especially when the particular area is clean and taken care of. It's always nice to find green refuge in the city; it seems to always brighten not only my mood, but everyone else's as well.

breathe - The air felt clean and crisp at that spot--maybe because of the slightly cool weather. Compared to nearby 19th Ave, Holloway Ave seems relatively barren of cars, and I'm sure the lack of emissions was a reason I was able to appreciate the air quality.

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