Sunday, August 29, 2010

Joviana Carrillo- Thoughts on Park(ing) Day: Specifically 3 Words


            I haven’t been in a park in a long time. Not since I turned twenty-one at least, and the cover of nature and darkness was no longer needed to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. And while this is a strange relationship to have with parks, it’s an inherent part of adolescence. Parks, to me, are a place of risk and danger. They’ve already established themselves as a place of wild among a manufactured world of concrete but at the same time, serve as a place of reflection and thoughtfulness. It is the physical embodiment of the time and place when you are wild and growing and dangerous and feeling a little isolated amongst everything else. Park(ing) Day represents this relationship as well. It’s an act of defiance, guerrilla tactics fueled by a little bit of angst, it’s risk and it’s danger. It’s redefining space, nature, and ourselves

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