Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Park(ing) Day Group 4 - Donald Reni

Contemplate / Live / Nature

These three words are what come to mind when I think about Park(ing) day. The concept gives a us a setting where we can think about how we are currently using our land and how we may want to change these patterns in the the future for possible alternatives. It is one thing to read about a movement but to actually see it in action and live in it for a short while helps bring the point home.
These spaces can be used for living in a way that can bring people together instead of just being used to temporary storage for inanimate objects. Lastly, this movement is a way for people to reconnect a bit with nature. For many living in an urban area like San Francisco takes them out of a natural setting for extended periods of time due to a lack of parks close to their work or living situations. Although parking day can only bring people closer to nature for a few hours it can spark a renewed interest in the natural world.