Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Park(ing) Day, Charlie Prather- Group 3 (C)


When I think of Park(ing) Day, I think of a reclamation of the awareness of public space and the definition of public space. Public space is for everyone, one should not have to own a car to enjoy more public space. People are constantly hustling in the city, moving about as quickly as possible and the car may seem like a good way to get around, however in rush hour the car only slows people down and takes up huge amounts of space. I really liked the suggestion that the woman proposed the other day, "maybe take public transit one day a week if you always drive," now if thats feasible for those who don't live too far or have too much to carry, then I think they could find ways to uses their transit time wisely, take a load of the environment, and open up space. The first word I chose is the word Play because in my opinion the best way to enjoy public space is to play, meaning for recreational or leisurely activities. The second word I chose was preserve, mean what is public must stay public as well as preserving the environment, this could be using recycled goods as well as local landscaping. The third word I chose was Public, this is because it should be for everyone, car owner or not. Public space must be a civic place.
Advertisement that look like  huge parking tickets would get peoples attention.

This was a satirical idea I had. It just huge playground equipment, far too big for a parking spot, therefore too dangerous to use, implying that if there was more public space that was actually public then the playground equipment would be able to spread out, the angle on the slide would be less severe and the tall swing wouldn't hit other cars.

This is just a simple idea I had for shaded structure with trees growing out of it, its basically just a place to relax.

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